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Are YOU Looking For a New Home Phone?
You're building your dream home or moving into another house or your first apartment. Now, how do you go about getting new home phone service established?

Keep reading to find out how to establish phone service for your new home and save on your local and long distance telephone calls.Your options today are far greater than ever before. So before you make any commitments, see what we have to offer at

We'll explain and compare your various options, from scheduling an appointment with the local phone company to getting local and long distance service without a traditional phone line at all. We'll also show you how you can save money on all your phone calls regardless of whether you have a traditional landline, VoIP broadband phone or are totally wireless.

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What is Your Situation?
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I already have a telephone line - This is for you if you have working traditional local telephone service.

I do NOT have a telephone line - if you have recently moved or canceled your landline telephone service, these options apply to you.

How about VoIP phone service? - Using your broadband Internet connection for telephone service is becoming very popular.

I prefer to use my cell phone for everything - Guidance for people on the go and those who have just used a cell phone all through school.

I'd like to have my own toll free number - At just $2 each, toll free numbers are for home as well as business today.

What's a Telephone Line? - Here's an explanation and a bit of history on how telephone lines came to be.


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